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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Make Wii unlock easy - Play dvd's on your Wii

You might be able to come across certain software that can help you in unlocking wii, because even if this game console is hard to maneuver,in the end there will always be methods of getting into your Wii and exploiting its true potential.

At first hackers found it hard to do Wii unlock because Nintendo had created software updates to ensure tha would not happen - but that didn't stop them from trying, after some hard work homebrewers were able to make home brewsoftware that can unlock features on your Wii that is not available in factory state. The great thing about unlocking our Wii with homebrew firmware is that there's no need to open up your Wii console and void your warranty, you don't have to install a modchip to run the features of homebrew or play backed up Wii games.Unlocking your Wii can be done thru using the twlight hack, this comes with most homebrew software. Whening unlocking your Wii almost all use the twight hack as its the most safest way to unlock your Wii console and use the homebrew apps. When you get the homebrew software bundles the twight hack usually come with it as a extra bonus and is ready when you install homebrw on your Wii console.

Since homebrew apps includes emulators with all those files and folders necessary for unlocking wii, thus giving your Wii the ability to read and play games from the classic consoles like the N64, PS1, Gamecube, and were not talking about 50 or a hundred games here but you will be given access to more than 2000 free games after enabling HombreWare on your system. So if you are into those games, games, games...you will be loaded with it through this software.

This gives your Wii console the power to become a multimedia hub , enabling it to do more than it has intended to be for consumers, so if you are sick of playing games you can other activities on it. You’ll also have the ability to play DVD movies and Mp3 songs on your wii through this software. It doesn't end there, homebrew offers so much more and they are still creating software that can make it even more interactive and powerful.

You don't have to be a tech savvy person to install Wii homebrew as there are guides and manual that can show you step by step how to Wii unlock.

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