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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to Unlock Wii - Unlock Wii v4.3 and Below Now

You Can Now Unlock v4.3 and Below

If you are familiar with unlocking your wii then you will know that learning how to unlock wii and install homebrew software will transform your Wii into a full multimedia entertainment center. Not only can your Wii be a gmaing machine but it also play dvds and mp3s as well with homebrew unlocking software.

But thats just touching the surface of what your true Wii capabilities really are, ever since I unlocked my Wii with wii unlock software called homebrew its made my Wii the coolest thing ever, I do everything on my Wii now and I don't need to use anything else like a dvd player or stereo system, my little console is my entertainment hub!

Don't worry homebrew unlock software is compatible with all system firmware updates from v4.3 and below!

Unlock Your Wii v4.3 Now!

Here are some other capabilities that can be added when installing Wii homebrew software.

  • Unlock Your Wii 4.x without the assistance of a modchip device thus protecting your factory warranty!

  • Unlock software (homebrew software) enables your wii to support MP3 and DVD playback, also supports divx, avi formats.

  • You can play homebrew games like pacman, tetris, and all sorts of retro games.

  • You can copy wii game, play imported games from overseas with region free function, you can also download games from homebrew channel

  • Enjoy region free settings from both NTSC and PAL

  • Run Emulators to play games from Gamecube, Sega Mega Drive, SNES

This can all be done with a great software package called "BreWii", which will provide simple to follow instructions on how to install and use the homebrew software on your Wii. You'll be amazed how easy it is and you'll have your Wii unlocked and ready to play dvds, and backed up Wii games in minutes.

Normally I wouldn't try this sort of stuff, but its not that hard!

With BreWii you won't have the hassles of prying open your Wii box and soldiering a modchip that can damage your console.


Its awesome- now my Wii is the central entertainment for my entire house. The kids- and even my wife LOVES all the awesome options that an unlocked Wii comes with.

No longer is my little Wii the laughing stock but now the envy of my friends!! the Kids love it and all my family can enjoy the new enhancements to my Wii console!

So what are you waiting for? Visit BreWii and unlock your Wii v4.3 and below now!

Monday, April 19, 2010

How to Unlock Wii v4.2u - Learn How to Hack Wii v4.2u easily!

Talking about games, you are interested to discuss about how to unlock Wii v4.2u. This is the normal thing, especially for those who have already bought this console. No one will deny claiming it as the best video game console people have ever seen. Now, it is you who need to find the best steps to do to answer the question of how to unlock Wii. There are many different explanations, but the following one will be the real best help you can consider. The unlocked this console, you can bring the ultimate entertainment joy and fun and feel great to play it with everyone you love.
Before going further to answer how to unlock Wii v4.2u, it is important to know more about the reasons of unlocking this game console. In this case, people have their own reasons, but the core idea is the same. They will get the great joy and fun with this one and this entertainment device is all people can rely on to let them refresh their mind by playing the interesting games. I have found the answer for how to unlock Wii and feel that this is the good information you need to know as well. The possibility to run Homebrew applications with the console becomes only one of many reasons.
How to unlock Wii and get the best fun things from it? the important thing to remember is that you can backup your favorite games, thus you do not need to worry of breaking the original disc. Playing the DVD and music are two most preferable things you can do by using your Wii. What else? By unlocking the Wii, it is not necessary to think about the region code as well. For some people, there are still many reasons they will say about it. Do you have the same things or reasons with them? How to unlock Wii perfectly?
You should do at least two ways to do it. The first thing is to buy the mod chip and then install in into your console. How to unlock Wii by using this chip? It will be easy for those who have the experiences in unlocking the same console before. But, you should not use this technique if you are not really familiar with this way. This chip will require people to know about some techniques in order to do so. In fact, some people use softmod method instead of the previous one. It will never require you to install anything and the warranty will not be voided.
It I s easy, and the softmod guide will be given in the program and you can soon explain to others who ask you about how to unlock Wii v4.2u.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Some Useful Tips on How to Unlock Wii v4.2u - Learn How to Get Around 4.2 firmware Update

Having Nintendo Wii is fun since you will be able to spend so many leisure times to play with the most exciting games available today. Nintendo Wii is a powerful and capable device that brings you so many wonderful features; unfortunately it is restricted due to the marketing strategy of the company. However, the customer of Nintendo Wii wants more to be available in their Nintendo Wii, and it can be acquired by unlocking their Nintendo Wii. The official guidance of how to unlock wii mentions that the owner of Nintendo Wii wanting to unlock their console need to install special device known as a “modchip” to get the most potential of Nintendo Wii. However, this tips of how to unlock wii (v4.2u) gives a disadvantage to the owner of Nintendo Wii, since unfortunately the installing of the modchip needs you to open your Nintendo Wii, and both action of opening the Wii and installing the modchip will void your warranty.

To avoid the lost of the warranty, so many customers try to find the best way of how to unlock wii. One of the tips is very useful to unlock your Nintendo Wii safely. There are some steps that are needed to follow in order to perform the action of unlocking your Nintendo Wii. The first step is that you need to decide whether you want to unlock your Nintendo Wii using modchip or without it.

The safest way is by unlocking it without modchip.

This then will bring you to the second step of how to unlock wii, that is to check whether the method you are using on how to unlock wii compatible with the current system update. If the current system is not compatible, then you will lock the Nintendo Wii instead of unlocking it well. After you are sure that the system is compatible, then you should choose a way on how to unlock wii that will not bring a great effect to the quality of your Nintendo Wii. Some of so many methods will slow the performance of your Nintendo Wii, especially with some certain modchips. The WiiChipUnlock is the considerable one to perform the unlocking of your Nintendo Wii without a dangerous modchip.

It should be noticed that some tips on how to unlock wii will cause you to run some software from other regions. It will involve some backups, homebrew or imported software. If you face some problem on how to unlock wii, you must be able to remove the software and make sure that Nintendo repair your Wii for you. However, it is useful to know that it is a shady business to unlock your wii, since if something goes wrong, then you will not able to replace it since you do not have the source.

To unlock your console goto How to unlock Wii (v4.2u)

Watch video below to see proof that it works with latest v4.2 update

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Learn How to Unlock Wii (v4.2) - Using a Wii softmod (works with v4.2 firmware update)

Unlocking Wii has become even more cooler because not only do you so much more out of your Wii but you can unlock your Wii without having to use a game exploit or hack and be able to keep your Wii in working order without doing any physical damage to the little machine.

It maybe a small console when comparing it to its bigger brothers but it can certainly do alot more than it was originally intended for.

When you unlock your wii you open up all sorts of additional features that you never thought was possible like dvd playback capability and also power to backup and play copied wii games.

These features are made available by installing wii homebrew software. This software enables your Wii to read dvds and copy & play wii games without the use of a modchip. This kind of technique is called softmodding or in this case Wii softmod which is hacking your wii without opening up the Wii and installing a modchip.

Wii modchips are now a thing of the past, these types of hardware accessories are now frowned upon as they can cause havoc with your systems internal hardware and also void the factory warranty cover! If you manage to cause any damage to the motherboard by not installing the modchip properly or tamper with the hardware without authorization by nintendo your warranty is violated and you will possibility have your online accounts shutdown!

In the end the risks involved are not worth it!

That's why installing homebrew software are discovering how to unlock wii (compatible with v4.2u firmware update) is worth investigating. This software is easy to use and you can have it up and running in 20 minutes. There's no soldering involved and no requiring you to pop open the cover of the console its completely safe.

Once the software is loaded onto your Wii you will be able to pay all your dvd movies, be able to use programs that backup and run copy wii games.

Below are some additional features your Wii will be able to perform with Hombrew installer software:
  • Create working backups of Wii games
  • Playback DVD movies and music cds
  • Get Access to thousands of MP3's, and apps.
  • Unlock Region setting and play any Wii game from overseas
  • Enjoy playing retro classic games from SNES, Gamecube, PS1...
  • Recieve free updates
Now you might understand why people buy this system as it can offer much more and end up being a bargain!!

There are concerns that the software might not work with the system updates but homebrew programmers are always one step ahead and keep their software up to date with the lastest firmware like v4.2u.

To find out more about Wii softmodding and getting homebrew software visit - How to unlock Wii (now works with v4.2 update) without a modchip.

Checkout Homebrew working on v4.2u update

Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to unlock Wii v4.2 - Copy and Play Wii Games without a Modchip (Wii Softmod Hack).

Even though the Nintendo Wii is the little brother of the XBox 360 and PS3, consumers have not showen that with their wallets and this little gem of a console has turned out to be the best selling system with 50 millions units sold worldwide.

What allot of Wii owners don't know is that the Wii is capable of being much more than a gaming machine. With some specially programmed software called Homebrew you can unlock certain part of your Wii's firmware to enable to read and play backed up Wii games, imported games from overseas, DVD discs, and even play retro classic games from the systems like the PS1, SNES, Gamecube etc.....

Using homebrew software is safe and won't void your factory warranty, this kind of hacking is known as a Wii softmod which means that your Wii will be modded through a software exploit. Back in the days you needed a Modchip to unlock your Wii and make it read copy wii games. But this is not necessary and you can install software that will make your Wii play copied wii games just like a normal wii game.

The latest version of Homebrew is compatible with the v4.0, 4.1and 4.2 firmware updates so there's no need to worry about update issues because the software is regularly being added to and kept up to date.

Learning how to unlock wii can be a steep learning curve for some but you can download some bundled software called BreWii that has all the software you need and comes with a detailed easy to understand guide that can mod you Wii in 20 minutes and have it play DVDs, retro games, and most importantly backed up Wii games.

Your Wii will be converted into a full multimedia entertainment system and witness it do things you thought were beyond its capabilities.

To unlock your wii and mod it without a modchip then you need to head over to the Bre Wii click here - How to unlock Wii v4.2

Check out a Working Homebrew v4.2 compatible on a Wii console below

Saturday, October 10, 2009

How to Unlock Wii 4.2 - Wii unlock firmware update 4.2

You'll probably discover after you update your Wii consoles firmware that your Homebrew software would have been removed and all the game saves and other stuff that you accumlated has disappeared as well.

Just recently Nintendo has updated its firmware (v4.2) and if you download the update it will automatically delete any homebrew software or channel on your Wii.

This is not good if you made game saves and relied on this software to play copied wii games. You'll find that you'll be unable to play DVD's and run any games from other countries that you may have purchased.

The good news is the homebrew team of programmers have also made the neccessary updates to make Homebrew installer software compatible with the Wii v4.2 update. This update can be found on BreWii which will show you step by step how to unlock wii v.4.2 using homebrew and wii softmod your console by adding the neccesasy files make it compatible.

You can now enjoy playing dvds, copied wii games, and even run retro games with the update and not have it lost forcing you to start again and redo all those game saves and other stuff you might have setup on homebrew.

To find out more about this update visit - how to unlock Wii v4.2

Friday, September 18, 2009

How to Unlock Wii 4.1 - Nintendo Wii Hack 4.1 firmware.

You most likely know a friend or colleague that owns a hacked Wii that has a modchip installed it in. You also probably seen what one of these modchips can do to your Wii. Having of one these devices can enhance the current abilities of your console enabling to do things beyond its factory capabilities. If you wanted to perform a Nintendo Wii hack then you needed to install one of these chips to unlock the factory settings and transform your Wii into a multimedia system.

The problem with this nintendo mod was you had to pry open your console and manually install this modchip onto your motherboard. This procedure was very risky and if not done properly could ruin your circuit board and void your warranty cover.

Luckily you don't need to choose this option to nintendo wii hack (works for v4.1) your system, you can learn how to unlock wii by using what we call a Wii softmod.

Now you can Wii hack without a modchip thus protecting your warranty and preventing the risk of blowing your motherboard. This wii softmod hack only takes 10 - 20 minutes to do and can be done by anyone with no technical skill required.

You can have this software running in 3 simple steps:

Search and download this software
Install HomebrewInstaller hack
Play and enjoy your newly modded Wii.

With this sort of mod you can enable your Wii to;

Play Copied Wii Games
Run Games Region Free from Any Country
Play DVD movies and Music DVDs
Run Retro Classic games from Gamecube, SNES, PS1, Sega...
Download emulators

and tons more features...

If you want to take your Wii to the next level and convert it to an multi-purpose entertainment center than merely a gaming system then you need to visit - Nintendo Wii hack without a modchip and learn how to nintendo softmod 4.1 your Wii.