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Friday, January 29, 2010

Some Useful Tips on How to Unlock Wii v4.2u - Learn How to Get Around 4.2 firmware Update

Having Nintendo Wii is fun since you will be able to spend so many leisure times to play with the most exciting games available today. Nintendo Wii is a powerful and capable device that brings you so many wonderful features; unfortunately it is restricted due to the marketing strategy of the company. However, the customer of Nintendo Wii wants more to be available in their Nintendo Wii, and it can be acquired by unlocking their Nintendo Wii. The official guidance of how to unlock wii mentions that the owner of Nintendo Wii wanting to unlock their console need to install special device known as a “modchip” to get the most potential of Nintendo Wii. However, this tips of how to unlock wii (v4.2u) gives a disadvantage to the owner of Nintendo Wii, since unfortunately the installing of the modchip needs you to open your Nintendo Wii, and both action of opening the Wii and installing the modchip will void your warranty.

To avoid the lost of the warranty, so many customers try to find the best way of how to unlock wii. One of the tips is very useful to unlock your Nintendo Wii safely. There are some steps that are needed to follow in order to perform the action of unlocking your Nintendo Wii. The first step is that you need to decide whether you want to unlock your Nintendo Wii using modchip or without it.

The safest way is by unlocking it without modchip.

This then will bring you to the second step of how to unlock wii, that is to check whether the method you are using on how to unlock wii compatible with the current system update. If the current system is not compatible, then you will lock the Nintendo Wii instead of unlocking it well. After you are sure that the system is compatible, then you should choose a way on how to unlock wii that will not bring a great effect to the quality of your Nintendo Wii. Some of so many methods will slow the performance of your Nintendo Wii, especially with some certain modchips. The WiiChipUnlock is the considerable one to perform the unlocking of your Nintendo Wii without a dangerous modchip.

It should be noticed that some tips on how to unlock wii will cause you to run some software from other regions. It will involve some backups, homebrew or imported software. If you face some problem on how to unlock wii, you must be able to remove the software and make sure that Nintendo repair your Wii for you. However, it is useful to know that it is a shady business to unlock your wii, since if something goes wrong, then you will not able to replace it since you do not have the source.

To unlock your console goto How to unlock Wii (v4.2u)

Watch video below to see proof that it works with latest v4.2 update