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Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to Unlock Wii v4.0 - Wii unlock v4.0 now available!

If you're not aware by now then you need to be reading this post! I assume that you're a Wii owner and know that every so often Nintendo come out with a firmware update! These updates can effect people that run homebrew on their consoles and people that intend to download homebrew and install it on their systems. If you have the update v.4.0 you might have been unable to unlock your Wii and install homebrew because the firmware v.40 update prevents you from doing so. The good news is you can continue to learn how to unlock wii and run any homebrew applications on it even if you have the latest firmware version 4.0 on it.

Some people have been using the twilight hack but this is not needed now, you can unlock wii 4.0 easily and run all the homebrew apps, emulators and other hacks using alternative exploits.

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There is some many benefits to running this type of software on your Wii. I know friends that have unlocked their Wii and can now do things that their never imagined was possible.

One of the most prominent features that come with unlock your Wii is the power to play copy wii games without a modchip, homebrew has software that enables your system to read and play backed up Wii games just like regular discs from the games store. There's no need to rip open the Wii and solder a Modchip, this is risky and can invalidate your factory warranty.

Your can also unlock the Wii drive to playback dvd movie discs and even activate inbuilt emulators that enable the system to run 'old school' games from the famous 90's era. Enjoy playing those classic titles like Sonic the HedgeHog or Super Marios from the SNES, even play N64 game!

So even if you have upgraded to the v4.0 firmware don't fret! You can still homebrew Wii and learn how to unlock wii 4.0 without the Twilight hack or using a dodgy modchip that can seriously screw your machine if you don't know what you are doing.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

How to unlock wii 4.0 - Use Homebrew to unlock Wii 4.0

One of the toughest things to do is discover how to unlock wii without opening up the console and installing a modchip of some type. This will be perilous for the owner, if done wrongly you ca hurt your Wii beyond fix and also risk voiding your warranty. Unlocking your Wii can make change your machine into an interactive home entertainment platform, the software that comes with unlocking your wii enables the Wii to do things you never thought possible.

Most folks associate Wii unlock with cracking codes within a video games like mario bros and exploiting a hack to unlock concealed features. This is true, but its far more than that. When you use software like homebrew, you may not only be ready to play secret levels and unlock different characters but you'll also be ready to play dvds, backup wii games and also run emulators that cna run retro classic games from the old consoles e.g SNES, PS1, N64, Gamecube etc....

To the shock of many, the Wii is not able to play dvd films which can be an annoyance to some gamers as most like to look at a flick or 2 using their gaming machine after a hard night at work. This problem of how to unlock wii is solved by installing homebrew software that can unlock the Wii and allow to read and play dvds on it. You can also copy wii games and run them on your console without installing a modchip, this is great considering you've got to open your wii to install a chip which can void your guaranty and make you pay for a replacement sometimes.

But thats not all, ever wanted to play those favorite games you played when you used to be a tiny tyke? Games like Pacman, Super Mario bro, Sonic, from the PS1 and SNES can be played on your Wii by installing emulator software. All you need to do is download homebrew onto your console, load it on, then your wii takes on a completely new identity. You will wonder if its the machine you bought from the shop!

To harnest the full potential of your Wii console you can not go past homebrew. The software is a hundred percent safe and easy to install, Being a software program you won't have any problems with it being damaged internally. Don't be concerned about the latest v4.0 homebrew is compatible with that too. This programme is continually being added to with new features, programs and made compatible with any firmware updates.

So don't waster any time dudes, install homebrew and make your wii more powerful than ever. To get this programme visit - How to unlock wii