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Thursday, April 30, 2009

How To Unlock Nintendo Wii - Two Ways To Unlock Nintendo Wii.

So you most likely heard of some people you know who managed to open Nintendo Wii or heard about the cool benefits of having an unlocked Wii. If you unlock Nintendo Wii you will be in a position to play old school console games, make backups of your games, and even watch dvds. This article will give you a few methods how to unlock Wii.

Before we start I must warn you the number one way will void your system guaranty. First you must get a mod chip installed in your Wii. You can permanently injure your Wii and you will most definitely void the systems warranty. Once you get your mod chip installed you may have to download a new bios and install it in your Wii. You will have to look round for a bios compatible with your mod chip but if you look good enough you can find one.

The next way on how to unlock Wii is less intrusive and it won't void your system warranty, but its no walk in the park. You have to install an open-source software on your Wii called Homebrew channel. Homebrew is a term given to Playstation games and applications produced by buyers. We could say you make a game that may be played on your Wii. There are homebrew applications that let you play dvds, copy/backup games, and emulators to play old school games. You will only have to install Homebrew Channel once and you will not have to open your Nintendo Wii to install it.

For a step-by-step guide how to install homebrew channel on the wii visit here. I managed unlocking Wii for my little nephew following these instructions.

Learn how to unlock wii games with HomebreWare.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What is Homebreware? Learn How to unlock Wii

Using Homebreware software saves you voiding your warranty. Wii chips trick your Wii to be able to run Homebrew Applications, to play Import Games and Backup Games. The only catch is you have to prise open your Wii and install the chip which inturn voids warranty.Some people buy solderless chips to minimise the risk but the fact you opened your Wii instantly makes your warranty invalid.
Click Here -> How to Unlock Wii

You can send your Wii to a Pro to install a modchip... would you trust someone you don't know, operating a shady business in an even shadier office in a basement, and would most probably require you to leave your Wii there for a couple of days or weeks? Then you come back a few days later just to witness that he ruined your Wii and won't provide any kind of customer support, or the wrost case scenerio is you rock up to the workshop and find theres no one there.

We've heard a countless number of these horror stories. So why not unlock your Wii yourself? What if we told you it was easy and anyone could do it? The Homebreware guide, is a detailed manual that can show you how to unlock your Wii without the use of a modchip.With this guide there is absolutely no soldering or installing a modchip - thus protecting your warranty. With homebreware you just use software that doesn't wreak your Wii and can back changed back to the original settings if you don't like it.


- Play Backup Games

- Play Homebrew Applications

- Be able to play classics games from the N64, SNES, Sega, Gamecube.

- Have exclusive access to over 2000 free Games

- Run imported games that have been unlocked from region key.

- Play DVD Movies and MP3 Songs


Is the Wii unlock compatible with System Update 3.4?No problem, your Wii unlock homebrew software is compatible with that update. Don't sweat it about your Wii not working with the 3.4 update, its compatible with that update!

Will this Wii unlock invalidate my warranty?Companies like nintendo don't want this type of software on their machines. But with a flick of a button you can switch it back to normal settings..If, by any chance something weird happens to the Wii after you unlock it,just uninstill the unlock software from your Wii system and send the Wii back to nintendo.

Does the Wii unlock apply to all regions around the world?Homebrew software unlock works with all regions of the Wii console.So no matter where the games or Wii system is from, your Wii can be unlocked no matter where it is was bought from.

Is it possible to access the Wii Channel if my Wii is unlocked?

Yes, Wii channel will not be affected and you can have 100% to it anytime.

Is it safe to update my console while it is unlocked?To be 100% safe we recommend you update your Wii after you get the update form homebrew

Is the unlock uninstallable?Yes, you can uninstall the Wii unlock at any time.The system will be relocked to factory settings.

To find out more about Homebrew for Wii goto -> How to unlock Wii

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Learn how to open Wii - Unlock your Wii in seconds .

If prompts many providers to come up with new and innovative ideas. So users can get the maximum of their gaming experience. Unlock wii is one of features that may definitely move your gaming experience at a new height. Today you can simply learn how to unlock wii. Many users like to know how to unlock wii.

They already learn the advantage they can get by unlocking wii. You might in a position to see the level of expertise at a different level. As a gamer you may expect some features that can enhance you satisfaction. As an instance fake item boxes, mushrooms, shells. Unlock wii can bring this things for you.

Those are not the only reasons why people want to learn how to unlock wii. One of the most engaging features that you can get through unlock wii are incredible channels. Users have the ability to launch it inside the game they can reserve it immediately to the dashboard. To make the challenge much more pragmatic you can compare your highest lap times with others.

Some other options might delighted you and enhance your gaming experience. As an instance download spook answer is pretty much popular among the users. It actually permits you see firsthand how the top players pull off their times and send your own spooks to mates as a challenge.

There is no point to be simply a normal gamer and play with the old features. To get the real thrill of the game you must update yourself with the change in the market. How to unlock wii is one of the way to get that.

You may check out Wii Homebrew for more info.