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Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to unlock Wii v4.2 - Copy and Play Wii Games without a Modchip (Wii Softmod Hack).

Even though the Nintendo Wii is the little brother of the XBox 360 and PS3, consumers have not showen that with their wallets and this little gem of a console has turned out to be the best selling system with 50 millions units sold worldwide.

What allot of Wii owners don't know is that the Wii is capable of being much more than a gaming machine. With some specially programmed software called Homebrew you can unlock certain part of your Wii's firmware to enable to read and play backed up Wii games, imported games from overseas, DVD discs, and even play retro classic games from the systems like the PS1, SNES, Gamecube etc.....

Using homebrew software is safe and won't void your factory warranty, this kind of hacking is known as a Wii softmod which means that your Wii will be modded through a software exploit. Back in the days you needed a Modchip to unlock your Wii and make it read copy wii games. But this is not necessary and you can install software that will make your Wii play copied wii games just like a normal wii game.

The latest version of Homebrew is compatible with the v4.0, 4.1and 4.2 firmware updates so there's no need to worry about update issues because the software is regularly being added to and kept up to date.

Learning how to unlock wii can be a steep learning curve for some but you can download some bundled software called BreWii that has all the software you need and comes with a detailed easy to understand guide that can mod you Wii in 20 minutes and have it play DVDs, retro games, and most importantly backed up Wii games.

Your Wii will be converted into a full multimedia entertainment system and witness it do things you thought were beyond its capabilities.

To unlock your wii and mod it without a modchip then you need to head over to the Bre Wii click here - How to unlock Wii v4.2

Check out a Working Homebrew v4.2 compatible on a Wii console below

Saturday, October 10, 2009

How to Unlock Wii 4.2 - Wii unlock firmware update 4.2

You'll probably discover after you update your Wii consoles firmware that your Homebrew software would have been removed and all the game saves and other stuff that you accumlated has disappeared as well.

Just recently Nintendo has updated its firmware (v4.2) and if you download the update it will automatically delete any homebrew software or channel on your Wii.

This is not good if you made game saves and relied on this software to play copied wii games. You'll find that you'll be unable to play DVD's and run any games from other countries that you may have purchased.

The good news is the homebrew team of programmers have also made the neccessary updates to make Homebrew installer software compatible with the Wii v4.2 update. This update can be found on BreWii which will show you step by step how to unlock wii v.4.2 using homebrew and wii softmod your console by adding the neccesasy files make it compatible.

You can now enjoy playing dvds, copied wii games, and even run retro games with the update and not have it lost forcing you to start again and redo all those game saves and other stuff you might have setup on homebrew.

To find out more about this update visit - how to unlock Wii v4.2