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Friday, August 21, 2009

How to Unlock Wii (v4.1 compatible) - Use Homebrew Installer software to transform Your Wii

If you've purchased a Nintendo Wii console you would have noticed that the small system doesnt quite have all the features that its bigger brother enjoy like DVD playback, divX compatibility, powerful graphics processors and the list goes on.

However, thanks to some dedicated fans some have managed to come up with wii softmods that can unlock your Wii that enables your console to perform all those task like playing DVDs, watching divx movies, even play copied wii games without a modchip.

If your wondering how to unlock wii using a wii softmod then you need to download homebrew installer software that uses special game hack techniques to unlock your wii.

This software is completely safe to use and won't run the risk of voiding your factory warranty, there's no need to buy a modchip and get some dude you don't know to install it.

Unlocking your Wii means transforming your console into a fully fledged Multimedia entertainment system. You can enjoy listening to music, watch DVD movie discs, MP3's, Retro Classics, run Region free game and movies, and play backed up Wii games.

Homebrew installer software is constantly being updated everyday by dedicated programmers so you don't have to worry about your firmware preventing you from running it on your system.

I know many friends that run this software on their Wii and were amazed at the untapped potential of their console.

Learning how to unlock wii without a modchip by using Homebrew installer software is by far the best softmodding hack out there on the internet.

To unlock your Wii v4.x and above with homebrew goto - how to unlock wii (4.x and upwards)

Friday, August 14, 2009

How to Unlock Wii 4.1 - Create backups with Wii softmod

In the past you needed homebrew and Zelda Twilight game to unlock your Wii. However with the recent 4.x firmware updates this hack has hit a snag and many homebrew users have found their wii homebrew channels are unable to work or be installed. But thanks to the dedicated programmers out there in the Wii softmod world you are now able to brew your Wii without needing the Zelda twilight hack.

Wii softmod without twilight hack is now possible and doesn't require any game to override the anti hack code built into your Wii. This was necessary in the past but now with the new bannerbomb method you can fully utilize the homebrew apps and features like dvd playback, run Wii backups, and be able to play classic games like Super Mario brothers or Pacman. You'll even be able to play games and dvds from other countries without the region restriction.

The problem is if you are not experienced with installing this software or never done it before you can cause yourself some headaches and can lose data in the process. Believe me, from personal experience its really annoying to accidently wipe all your game saves and other important data you have on your wii and have to start over again!

With a Wii softmod guide you can taken through the steps of installing the software (bundled with the guide of course!) and not worry about stuffing it up. A guide like this made my life easier and gave me confidence that I knew what I was doing! Now you can unlock Wii v4.1 with ease just like the experts.

To learn how to unlock wii 4.1 goto Wii softmod without Twilight hack

How to Unlock Wii 4.1 - Run Homebrew on Wii 4.1 update

If you're worried that your homebrew Wii channel will be lost once you update your Wii firmware - DON'T WORRY!!

You can enjoy your homebrew features and applications while be able to run the latest updates on your Wii console.

All you need is the right software and guide to install homebrew on v4.1 update, there's absolutely no compatibility issues and you'll be able to continue playing dvds, play copied wii games and enjoy running those old retro games you loved jamming on in the good 'ol days.

The only thing you need is homebrew software and a guide to ensure that when you install or reinstall homebrew that you don't get it wrong and lose all those game saves and unlocks that you might have already on your Wii.

Its really frustrating having your entire profile and game saves completely wiped out due to not knowing how to properly install Homebrew software.

You don't need to have a modchip running inside your console to play dvds or copied wii games, instead you use what is called a 'softmod' which bypasses your consoles code and unlocks the Wii to read backed up Wii games and playback DVD's without any region restrictions.

Like I mentioned before, this software will work 100% on Wii v4.1 updater too

So why waste time and risk voiding the warranty, just download homebrew for Wii v4.1 now!!