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Friday, August 14, 2009

How to Unlock Wii 4.1 - Run Homebrew on Wii 4.1 update

If you're worried that your homebrew Wii channel will be lost once you update your Wii firmware - DON'T WORRY!!

You can enjoy your homebrew features and applications while be able to run the latest updates on your Wii console.

All you need is the right software and guide to install homebrew on v4.1 update, there's absolutely no compatibility issues and you'll be able to continue playing dvds, play copied wii games and enjoy running those old retro games you loved jamming on in the good 'ol days.

The only thing you need is homebrew software and a guide to ensure that when you install or reinstall homebrew that you don't get it wrong and lose all those game saves and unlocks that you might have already on your Wii.

Its really frustrating having your entire profile and game saves completely wiped out due to not knowing how to properly install Homebrew software.

You don't need to have a modchip running inside your console to play dvds or copied wii games, instead you use what is called a 'softmod' which bypasses your consoles code and unlocks the Wii to read backed up Wii games and playback DVD's without any region restrictions.

Like I mentioned before, this software will work 100% on Wii v4.1 updater too

So why waste time and risk voiding the warranty, just download homebrew for Wii v4.1 now!!

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