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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to Unlock Wii - Unlock Wii v4.3 and Below Now

You Can Now Unlock v4.3 and Below

If you are familiar with unlocking your wii then you will know that learning how to unlock wii and install homebrew software will transform your Wii into a full multimedia entertainment center. Not only can your Wii be a gmaing machine but it also play dvds and mp3s as well with homebrew unlocking software.

But thats just touching the surface of what your true Wii capabilities really are, ever since I unlocked my Wii with wii unlock software called homebrew its made my Wii the coolest thing ever, I do everything on my Wii now and I don't need to use anything else like a dvd player or stereo system, my little console is my entertainment hub!

Don't worry homebrew unlock software is compatible with all system firmware updates from v4.3 and below!

Unlock Your Wii v4.3 Now!

Here are some other capabilities that can be added when installing Wii homebrew software.

  • Unlock Your Wii 4.x without the assistance of a modchip device thus protecting your factory warranty!

  • Unlock software (homebrew software) enables your wii to support MP3 and DVD playback, also supports divx, avi formats.

  • You can play homebrew games like pacman, tetris, and all sorts of retro games.

  • You can copy wii game, play imported games from overseas with region free function, you can also download games from homebrew channel

  • Enjoy region free settings from both NTSC and PAL

  • Run Emulators to play games from Gamecube, Sega Mega Drive, SNES

This can all be done with a great software package called "BreWii", which will provide simple to follow instructions on how to install and use the homebrew software on your Wii. You'll be amazed how easy it is and you'll have your Wii unlocked and ready to play dvds, and backed up Wii games in minutes.

Normally I wouldn't try this sort of stuff, but its not that hard!

With BreWii you won't have the hassles of prying open your Wii box and soldiering a modchip that can damage your console.


Its awesome- now my Wii is the central entertainment for my entire house. The kids- and even my wife LOVES all the awesome options that an unlocked Wii comes with.

No longer is my little Wii the laughing stock but now the envy of my friends!! the Kids love it and all my family can enjoy the new enhancements to my Wii console!

So what are you waiting for? Visit BreWii and unlock your Wii v4.3 and below now!