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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Learn How to Unlock Wii (v4.2) - Using a Wii softmod (works with v4.2 firmware update)

Unlocking Wii has become even more cooler because not only do you so much more out of your Wii but you can unlock your Wii without having to use a game exploit or hack and be able to keep your Wii in working order without doing any physical damage to the little machine.

It maybe a small console when comparing it to its bigger brothers but it can certainly do alot more than it was originally intended for.

When you unlock your wii you open up all sorts of additional features that you never thought was possible like dvd playback capability and also power to backup and play copied wii games.

These features are made available by installing wii homebrew software. This software enables your Wii to read dvds and copy & play wii games without the use of a modchip. This kind of technique is called softmodding or in this case Wii softmod which is hacking your wii without opening up the Wii and installing a modchip.

Wii modchips are now a thing of the past, these types of hardware accessories are now frowned upon as they can cause havoc with your systems internal hardware and also void the factory warranty cover! If you manage to cause any damage to the motherboard by not installing the modchip properly or tamper with the hardware without authorization by nintendo your warranty is violated and you will possibility have your online accounts shutdown!

In the end the risks involved are not worth it!

That's why installing homebrew software are discovering how to unlock wii (compatible with v4.2u firmware update) is worth investigating. This software is easy to use and you can have it up and running in 20 minutes. There's no soldering involved and no requiring you to pop open the cover of the console its completely safe.

Once the software is loaded onto your Wii you will be able to pay all your dvd movies, be able to use programs that backup and run copy wii games.

Below are some additional features your Wii will be able to perform with Hombrew installer software:
  • Create working backups of Wii games
  • Playback DVD movies and music cds
  • Get Access to thousands of MP3's, and apps.
  • Unlock Region setting and play any Wii game from overseas
  • Enjoy playing retro classic games from SNES, Gamecube, PS1...
  • Recieve free updates
Now you might understand why people buy this system as it can offer much more and end up being a bargain!!

There are concerns that the software might not work with the system updates but homebrew programmers are always one step ahead and keep their software up to date with the lastest firmware like v4.2u.

To find out more about Wii softmodding and getting homebrew software visit - How to unlock Wii (now works with v4.2 update) without a modchip.

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