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Thursday, April 30, 2009

How To Unlock Nintendo Wii - Two Ways To Unlock Nintendo Wii.

So you most likely heard of some people you know who managed to open Nintendo Wii or heard about the cool benefits of having an unlocked Wii. If you unlock Nintendo Wii you will be in a position to play old school console games, make backups of your games, and even watch dvds. This article will give you a few methods how to unlock Wii.

Before we start I must warn you the number one way will void your system guaranty. First you must get a mod chip installed in your Wii. You can permanently injure your Wii and you will most definitely void the systems warranty. Once you get your mod chip installed you may have to download a new bios and install it in your Wii. You will have to look round for a bios compatible with your mod chip but if you look good enough you can find one.

The next way on how to unlock Wii is less intrusive and it won't void your system warranty, but its no walk in the park. You have to install an open-source software on your Wii called Homebrew channel. Homebrew is a term given to Playstation games and applications produced by buyers. We could say you make a game that may be played on your Wii. There are homebrew applications that let you play dvds, copy/backup games, and emulators to play old school games. You will only have to install Homebrew Channel once and you will not have to open your Nintendo Wii to install it.

For a step-by-step guide how to install homebrew channel on the wii visit here. I managed unlocking Wii for my little nephew following these instructions.

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