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Friday, September 18, 2009

How to Unlock Wii 4.1 - Nintendo Wii Hack 4.1 firmware.

You most likely know a friend or colleague that owns a hacked Wii that has a modchip installed it in. You also probably seen what one of these modchips can do to your Wii. Having of one these devices can enhance the current abilities of your console enabling to do things beyond its factory capabilities. If you wanted to perform a Nintendo Wii hack then you needed to install one of these chips to unlock the factory settings and transform your Wii into a multimedia system.

The problem with this nintendo mod was you had to pry open your console and manually install this modchip onto your motherboard. This procedure was very risky and if not done properly could ruin your circuit board and void your warranty cover.

Luckily you don't need to choose this option to nintendo wii hack (works for v4.1) your system, you can learn how to unlock wii by using what we call a Wii softmod.

Now you can Wii hack without a modchip thus protecting your warranty and preventing the risk of blowing your motherboard. This wii softmod hack only takes 10 - 20 minutes to do and can be done by anyone with no technical skill required.

You can have this software running in 3 simple steps:

Search and download this software
Install HomebrewInstaller hack
Play and enjoy your newly modded Wii.

With this sort of mod you can enable your Wii to;

Play Copied Wii Games
Run Games Region Free from Any Country
Play DVD movies and Music DVDs
Run Retro Classic games from Gamecube, SNES, PS1, Sega...
Download emulators

and tons more features...

If you want to take your Wii to the next level and convert it to an multi-purpose entertainment center than merely a gaming system then you need to visit - Nintendo Wii hack without a modchip and learn how to nintendo softmod 4.1 your Wii.

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