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Monday, March 23, 2009

Learn how to unlock wii by using Homebrew - Play SNES, N64 games on more on your Wii

The nintendo Wii has to be one of the most successful consoles ever to be made , all you need to do is look at its record sales for the past two years to find proof.Then Wii offers a completely new gaming experience with its uniques controllers that allow the player to interact thru body movements while playing the games, this has proven to be very popular with kids and even adults. The Wii certainly offers a great gaming experience, but what people don't know is that it can offer alot more if you install homebrew software which teaches you how to unlock wii and add abilities to your Wii that a factory one cannot offer.

In the past, Wii unlock had to be done with a 'modchip' which you had to pry open your Wii console that fiddle around with the electroinics inside, this risked voiding your warranty. You normally had two options when doing this, either send it to some guy for unlock it for you or do it DIY style and unlock it yourself. All this meant that you had to open up your console, invalidate your warranty, and insert a modification chip directly into the circuit board. Most people ended uo with broken Wii consoles and sometimes the Wii's were unrepairable - totally bricking it.

What do you actually get with "Homebrew Installer"? Wii unlock is far more easier with homebrew software which is safe and requires no modchip, you can far more things on your Wii if homebrew can unlock your Wii.

The first major feature is the ability to be able to backup your Wii games and then keep them stored away safely whilst you play the backup of the wii games so if any scratches appear you can just go straight back to the original games and make a brand new copy. Being able to run copied Wi games is on e of the major features of homebrew unlock software and can save you alot of grief and pain if you have mischievious children.

Surprisingly the Wii cannot read DVD movies , with homebrew software you can unlock your Wii to be able to play dvd movies making it a more powerful system. What makes learning how to unlock wii is the emulators that come with the homebrew softeware package, if you enjoyed playing the old retro games from the N64, Gamecube, SNES, and Sega machines then you need not look any further than homebrew software to Wii unlock.

The benefits once you learnt how to unlock wii also comes with the additional 2000 plus games you can download thru the homebrew wii software.

The unlock Wii software comes with lifetime updates so as the Wii evolves so will the software which will make sure that the unlocked Wii console will continue to provide hours of fun and entertainment.

The kind of software has many other features that can be unlock on your Wii system so if this is you and you want to get a hold of this software then visit the link below.

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