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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Learn how to unlock Wii in minutes - Play dvd's on your Wii

So you probably heard of some people you know who managed to unlock Nintendo Wii or heard about the cool benefits of having an unlocked Wii. If you find out how to unlock Wii you will be able to play old school console games, make backups of your games, and even watch dvds. In this article you will learn ways on how to unlock Wii.The first method we will talk about is straight forward but will also put your warranty at risk. You need to get hold of a Wii modchip to be installed in your Wii.

Installing a mod chip to unlock Nintendo Wii isn't easy if you don't know what you are doing. If you don't install in properly (modchip) it can do some major damage to your Wii and make your Wii's warranty become void - and that's something you don't want. Once you get your mod chip installed you will have to download a new bios and install it in your Wii. The hassle with this is you have to search around the net for a bios that will work with your modchip, this can be time consuming.

The second method to unlock your wii is a lot less technical and best of all it would put your warranty at risk, but in no way is this easier! Firstly you need to a special software called Homebrew channel and install in on your Wii. Homebrew is a term given to video games and applications produced by consumers. To make it clearer , if you make a game to run on the Wii.It would be seen as a homebrew game. Once you get the Homebrew Channel, you will be able to launch homebrew games and programs that allow how to unlock Wii features. These Apps include software that allows your Wii to play copied wii games, retro games, and even play dvds. Homebrew channels does not require you to open your Wii to install it, and it only need to installed once!

SO obviously the last method discussed in this article is the most safest and best way to unlock your Wii. For a step-by-step guide how to install homebrew channel on the wii visit how to unlock Wii.. Most other guides are written in such a way non technical people would find challenging to follow. But I performed installation of homebrew channel and unlocked my Wii for my son using a homebrew Wii guide.

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