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Monday, March 2, 2009

Learn how to unlock Wii with HomeBreWare

What is Homebreware?

Homebreware offers a safe and simple alternative to 'modchips' for how to unlock wii. The only catch is you have to prise open your Wii and install the chip which inturn voids warranty.You can send your Wii to a Pro to install a modchip... but would you really entrust your Wii console to a person you don't know that probably doesn't know what he/she is doing, and would most probably require you to leave your Wii there for a couple of days or weeks? or even worst, that the basement office is empty and your Wii is gone.

We've heard a countless number of these horror stories. So try learning how to unlock Wii DIY? What if I was to tell you there is a way that it can be done without risk to your warranty? The Homebreware guide, is a detailed manual that can show you how to unlock your Wii without the use of a modchip.With this guide there is absolutely no soldering or installing a modchip - thus protecting your warranty. All you are using is software that will not harm your Wii and is 100% reversible!


- Play burned Wii discs or games

- Play Homebrew Games and Apps

- Be able to play classics games from the N64, SNES, Sega, Gamecube.

- Play over 2000 free games

- Play Region-Locked Games (Import Games)

- Enable your Wii to play DVDs and MP3.


Will the homebrew unlock be able to work with the System Update 3.4?

No problem, your Wii unlock homebrew software is compatible with that update. If you have not updated your Wii yet, you can update now.

Does Wii unlock void the Wii warranty?

Companies like nintendo don't want this type of software on their machines. But the nature of software makes it reversible..If, for some reason the Wii screws up after you unlocked your Wii,you can simply uninstall the homebrew software and send it to Nintendo Wii for repairs. We've never had any customer complain about Nintendo not honoring the warranty after they unlocked their Wii. Does the Wii unlock apply to all regions around the world?

The Wii unlock is compatible with all Nintendo Wii regions. This means that if your Wii was bought in Aussie, North America, Europe or anywhere else your Wii can be unlocked.

Can you still have access to the Wii channel with the Wii being unlocked?

Yup sure can!, you can access the Wii channed freely without any hiccups.

Can you update the Wii if it is unlocked?We recommend you wait for an update on our side before updating your console just to be 100% safe.

Can you uninstall the Wii unlock software?Yes, its possible to uninstall the unlock form your Wii.The Wii will be restored to its factory state being locked.

To find out more about Homebrew for Wii goto -> How to unlock Wii

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