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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Homebrew to unlock Wii 4.0 find out how to unlock wii v4.0 .

Homebrew Games, Backup Games & Unlocking Your Wii 4.0

What are Homebrew games? How do I use them? What are Backup games? How do I unlock Wii to play DVDs. What Are 'Homebrew Applications'? I latterly discovered this word, 'Homebrew', and was intrigued to find out more. Was it something to do with making beer in your bath tub? No, absolutely not! Something even better that that, if that may be assumed. Homebrew Applications are for purposes outside those intended by the manufacturer for their console hardware, accessories and software.

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Using Homebrew Applications There are web sites who supply a package that enables your Nintendo Wii Console to run Homebrew Applications. Likewise , it enables the capability of your Wii Console to play DVD films, and eventually run Import and Backup Games.

The most extraordinary feature that comes from Homebreware is the power to play backup and imported games without mod chip or anything else that might hurt your console.

I was shocked to find out that Nintendo had introduced such a thing, but delighted at the same time because I could now join in on the fun of using these applications. It permits you to play backup and imported games and now gives something the Wii has been missing, the facility to play DVDs. It's peculiar how you can get satisfaction from virtually 'ancient' technology like retro games, but many people have the desire to play these old games, myself particularly, being an enormous fan of old Super Mario Bro and Sonic the Hedgehog games.

Check out homebrew working on Wii v4.0 firmware below -

These sites will show you how to unlock the following features on your Wii:

1. Play Your Backup Games, Play Imported Games that are region locked.
2. Play N64, SNES, NES and Sega Genesis Games, as well as games from other consoles.
3. Lifetime Membership, Get All Future Upgrades FREE.Play Homebrew Games, Play DVD Pictures and Mp3 Songs.
4.Unlock Wii 4.0

It is irrelevant if you would like to use imported games, region-coded games, or backup games as you will discover how to unlock your Wii in order to play them all.

Your Warranty

This will not void your warranty and it's available for all Wii's irrespective of what region they have been bought in. With the use of applications called emulators, you'll have the opportunity to play the classic games from retro consoles like N64, SNES, Sega Genesis and many more

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