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Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Wii Version 4.0 Unlocked - Without Needing Zelda Twilight Hack code.

For anybody reading this who doesn't know how to unlock Wii for Wii v4.0 or know what homebrew is, this is for you. Homebrew is the sole software unlock for Wii. What I mean by software unlock is it does not need a Mod Chip where someone has to smash open your Wii and solder a chip inside, voiding your warranty and taking a chance of destroying your Wii.

It also does not void your warranty.

The Homebrew Channel allows you to:

Play burned/backed up gamesWatch DVDs

Play retro games such as Mario Kart

Listen to music

HomebreWare now offers a bonus that shows you ways to find and burn games from the web, some sites charge an extra fee for this but HomebreWare gives it away with the purchase of a Homebrew channel guide.

If you are like me and are not sure about picking up one of the guides that shows you how to unlock Wii version 4.0 and earlier, you can try the guide for 60 days and get your money back for any reason you loathe it ( even the dog ate my product is a credible reason...even though it is a digital product ) .

Act Now!

The longer you wait to get the guide the better chance Nintendo Wii comes out with another patch. If/when a new patch comes out, if you own a copy of any unlock Wii version 4 guides, you will receive an update for that patch free!

I also do not know how long homebreWare will have their bonus available as they claim it to be a short promotion.

So stop paying your hard earned money on costly games and head on over to homebreWare to unlock Wii version 4.0.

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